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[Adam Holley & Sarah Jones / Mae Denault / Herbert Laity & Alice Williams / Heman James Weeks & Annie Roberts]

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This page was created to keep everyone up to date on events, research, and new information that we come across in our family history research. I will be posting interesting facts, articles and other family interests on this page. I'm not sure as of yet what this will grow into but I am hoping some of you will find it interesting. It's hard with today's timelines to be able to communicate a lot of this information to you individually so it is my hope that I can use this tool to provide some information to many people in one place. If you have any questions, comments or would like to contribute please contact me anytime Here

Using our custom google search below will find results from the following web sites:

http://holley.whiskeybay.net, www.ancestry.com, www.rootsweb.com, www.genealogy.com

Last Updated:  December 29, 2013